Ironman Tallinn

Ironman Tallinn

Dive into History, Conquer Tallinn:

Are you ready to push your limits and experience the magic of Tallinn? The 2024 IRONMAN Estonia, happening on August 24th, offers a full Ironman distance challenge set against a backdrop of breath taking beauty and rich history.

Begin your epic journey with a double loop swim (3.8km) in the serene waters of Lake Harku. This calm environment allows you to focus on your rhythm and technique as you prepare for the next leg of the race.

Next, conquer the three-loop bike course (180km) renowned for its flat, fast terrain. Experience the captivating Estonian countryside as you speed through charming villages and picturesque landscapes. Don’t be fooled by the flatness – 468 meters of elevation gain will test your endurance.

Finally, conquer the four-lap run course (42.2km) that winds its way through the heart of Tallinn. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history as you pass by medieval architecture and iconic landmarks. The flat course, with minimal elevation gain (around 130 meters), allows you to focus on your pace and celebrate your accomplishment with the cheering crowds lining the streets.

Beyond the finish line, Tallinn offers the perfect setting for post-race celebration and exploration. Delve into Estonian culture by exploring historical sites, vibrant museums, and delectable cuisine. Wander the charming cobblestone streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Town, or simply relax and soak in the unique atmosphere.

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